Saturday, March 05, 2005


CAT 530 Triplex Repair

Many CAT 530 Triplex pumps are trashed because of seal leaks. The seal seating surface washes out and repair is hard and costly. Here is a simple fix for High Pressure Seal seating surface. Wrap the new seal with six turns of Teflon tape and install as you normally do. Presto, no seal leak. The Teflon will seal the outside lip and the bottom of the seal, the inside lip will still seal just fine on the Ceramic plunger.Now the Check Valves. Throw away the "o" Rings and the Backup (Teflon) Rings. Install one size 019 Teflon "O" Ring on the valve so that it will fit between the valve flange and the valve flange seating area. Use new Nylon valve cages and when install the valve cap it will crush the new "o" ring between the seating area and the valve flange. Presto! no more leaks. Cost of repair, less than 10 bucks, now you have a fine $800 pump ready to go.

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